This is NOT a Problem

At the beginning of the last school year Jake did not connect with any of the boys in his class. Heavy knucklehead factor. He came to me: “Dad, I’ve got a problem, I really don’t like hanging out with the guys, they act goofy all the time. I sorta like having conversations with the girls. They are super smart and nice. The girls say they like the way I treat Lily.” My response “Dude, this is NOT a problem.”

By winter break Jake had figured it out. He took me aside again: “Dad, the thing I told you about the girls in my class? Yep. It is so awesome. You were right. The guys run around with tongues hanging out and punching each other. It’s like they’re in second grade. I’m getting invited to the Girl’s birthday parties. Pretty cool huh!”

Yes, Jake it is pretty cool. It’s all about respect. Treat your sister, your Mom, hell, all women in your life with respect. I learned that living with a single working mom. It is one of the grand lessons. This year Jake discovered the power of women.


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