Ghost in the White House and a Billion Other Things

Over lunch today I asked Jake what he wanted to be when he grew up. As a toddler, his matter-of-fact answer was inventor. Now with adulthood out on the horizon I was curious to ask him again. I was hoping to illicit some fresh perspectives from my twelve year old.

“Dad, I’d really like to be a professional baseball player or soccer player. Only if it was with the Yankees or Manchester United.” Okay, I was not surprised by those answers. Luckily Jake stopped and pondered. “Dad, really there are a billion other things I’d like to be.” Oh Really? Like what? – was my response.

Here are the top ten (out of) one billion things Jake Rehfeldt would like to be when he hits adulthood.

1) Yankee player 2) Manchester United player 3) President – “it would be cool, run all this stuff. Downside, unfortunately, there are ghosts in the White House. Oh yeah, being assassinated would be a bummer.” 4) Teacher – “it would be really cool to teach a bunch of kids every day.” 5) Writer – “not like a book writer, a magazine writer. I would write about sports.” 6) Photographer or Filmmaker – “I like taking pictures and shoot video, it’s real fun.” 7) Quarterback – “I’d like to run the plays. If I couldn’t do that maybe I would wide receiver. No way would I would be a running back. Too much running.” 8.)Chef – “it would be a delicious job eating all the stuff I would make.” 9) Study Space – “there are so many things out in Space to study: aliens… other planets.” 10) Own a Bookstore – “it would be cool to sell other peoples books.” 11) Comic book writer and illustrator – “I probably wouldn’t make a lot of money doing it but it would be fun to do something everyday that I love.”

I came back to the inventor. What’s up with that? “Yeah, not on the list. Everything cool has been invented. I’m mean look at the light bulb. How could I out do that.” My response – How about curing cancer? “Dad, I don’t like the thought of wearing a white coat everyday + I don’t want to spend my time in a lab.”

There goes America. Bye, bye math and sciences.


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