Women’s Hair – 12 Year Old Boys Perspective

Jake asked, “Dad you can tell a lot about girls and women from their hair.” How so? I asked “Well, a girl with short hair and a nose ring is sorta of making a statement that’s different than a girl with long flowing hair that she brushes a bunch.” I asked for a deeper explanation from my twelve year old sage.

“How a woman wears her hair says a lot about the image she has of herself and the way she lives her life.” Oh really was my response. “Some girls that have short hair want to be thought of as artistic, I think. Women who have super long hair some time want to still think they are teenagers. Women who have grey hair seem to be comfortable with getting older. I dunno just seems sorta of interesting.” Jake got me thinking. So I asked him one last question on the matter of women. When you see a pretty woman or girl on the street do you look at their hair first? “Nope, I always look at their face. A woman’s face is important but their personality, if she funny or warm, that is the thing I look for, that’s what matters to me most.”

Jake is getting some good training for Lisa and Lily.


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