Happy Baby Acupuncture

A golden needle may be the key to Jake’s personality. Lisa heard that if you received acupuncture in your third trimester you can relieve stress in the womb. The Chinese have practiced this procedure for thousands of years. Our groovy Seattle practitioner said it insured that you had a Happy Baby. Lisa did it.

Jake’s smile could melt a glacier. That grin has been on his face from the first moment he could smile. When I go through pictures of him as a kid he is either laughing, just finished laughing or his arm around someone.

It is rare that Jake is under a dark cloud. He thinks the best of people. It is hard for him to understand why people are mean spirited. I’m a brawler. You put me at odds with someone I’m going in with my head down ready for body shots. Jake is the opposite. He looks at the a challenging person in front of him and his first question is always “Wow, what’s going on with them?” Jake is empathetic at his core.

I know its hard to believe that little golden needles could have such an impact on one personality. I get that. Then there is Lily. Have you met my daughter? Lily is a Happy Baby. It is not scientific but thank god for the Chinese and acupuncture. We are blessed with some happy babies.


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