Meat & Potato Albums

“Dad, let’s play Desert Island Discs!” This is the response Lisa and I get when Jake finds out that there is no iPod in the car (Jake is the house DJ for our car.) Since we have a half hour drive to Mercer Island the game commences. The premise is simple: what music would you take with you if you were left alone on an uninhibited island. The twelve year old goes first.

1) Beatles – White Album (“Rocky Raccoon”, “Dear Prudence” are sung weekly if not daily by the wee-man.)

2)  Blue Scholars – Bayani (Two Seattle Hip Hop talents, Jake has met and followed these guys since he was ten.)

3) Led Zeppelin – 3 (“Dad, is that the album with the Immigrant song on it?”)

4) Pearl Jam – Ten (He knows if there was no “Ten” there would be no Seattle for Daddy, no Mommy, no Jake. One album – One family.)

5) Bob Marley – Kaya (“Redemption Song.” End of story.)

6) Harry Nilsson – Nilsson Schmilsson (It was my favorite album when I was ten so I played “Got-To-Get-Up” and “Coconut”… a lot for Jake.)

7) Fleet Foxes – Sun Giant (Another Seattle band Jake has followed, we know the Pecknold family so this is like rooting for the home team + it is a remarkable band.)

8) Tribe Called Qwest – Midnight Marauders (Josh Taft and I did the video for “Award Tour”)

9) North Twin – Falling Apart (Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Tony and RockTim’s band)

10) Soundtrack – The Royal Tennenbaums (Since Jake was three this album has been the background music to our daily life. “Hear that Dad? ((humming)) Wigwam, Bob Dylan.”)

Once Jake gets to his tenth selection we debate whether the albums or songs are more important. We agree that is a different game. Jake is struggling because he wants to include The Clash “Police & Thieves”, Elliott Smith’s “Needle in the Hay” and Nick Drake’s “Fly.” “Dad I’m picky about albums like I’m picky about my food.” This is true. Lisa says his basic food group consists of cheese, meat and bread. And sometimes fruit.

The list above are Jake’s meat and potatoes.


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