Do You Ever Wonder?

Magic and Poetry are Jake’s passions now. The mechanics and setup of card tricks fascinate him. Jake is mastering how to engage his audience. He watches and learns from street magicians like Brad Christian, David Garcia and David Blaine. I’ve notice that Jake loves to hold that moment just after the reveal, that blissful few seconds when the audience member asks “how did you do that?”

Jake’s knack with poetry has that same level on wonderment. He enjoys sharing and reading his poetry. Here are a few gems.

First Haiku
The mother crane is
Never home because she is
Catching worms for me

Do you ever wonder?
Wonder why the wind blows
Wonder why the sky snows
Wonder why the sun rises
Wonder why life has surprises
Do you ever wonder?

Never Forget – For My Dog Katie
Those times were so great
But now you must go
You’re just awaiting the end of the show
I must say goodbye
To my best friend forever
But never forget
I will love you forever