Thick as Thieves

I have not known the love of a little sister. For many brothers it must be a magical thing. For others it could be seen as a mild annoyance. For Jake it is a matter of pride.

Jake’s love for his little sister Lily is the stuff of family legend. When he was not quite two he nearly tore my arm off in the hospital parking lot running to the maternity ward. Little Jake could not wait to see his newly hatched sister.

They have always had a connection. It is the stuff of genetic fairy dust. Year after year, especially in school, Jake has looked out for Lily. Jake’s respectful way with Lily garners the mass admiration of girls in his class, many of whom, I know, have torturous toddlers or mini Mussolinis waiting for them at home.

Recently I was cleaning up the loose items around Lily’s homework and I came across this story.  She submitted this in her fifth grade writing class.

The Super Hero Story – by Lily Rehfeldt (not edited)

Have you ever felt brave and powerful like nothing can stop you? I have. The time when I felt these things are when I am with my brother Jake. We always have the greatest times together. Even though we fight and disagree sometimes, we always find a way to get along.

There was one time I had an especially great time with Jake. That was when we played Super Heroes in the basement. Jake showed me his Marvel Encyclopedia. Every Superhero is in it. We tried to find a Superhero we liked the most. I usually picked Dagger – she can fly and make ice force fields. Hey Jake, which Superhero are you going to be? I asked. ‘I don’t know… though I really like Captain America.’ He looks awesome, I say with a smile on my face. ‘Cool I think I’ll be him’ says Jake.

We start playing and we hear this BEEP-BEEP-BEEP of a car alarm outside on the street. Jake and I stop in our tracks. We look at each other and then swing our capes behind our backs and jump off the couch and race to beeping sound. Right there in front of us is EVIL Sir Smackbottom (he is really invisible) trying to make a bomb go off.

Nice to see you again Sir Smackbottom, I say. With that I spray ice all over Sir Smackbottom. Sadly, Sir Smackbottom has a forcefield protecting him and the ice bounces off and hits me in the face and I fall to the ground. I can’t move.

Luckily Captain America is there to save us. Captain America takes his sword and shield and goes over and attacks Sir Smackbottom and says ‘You are about to die!’ Then he cuts through the forcefield and stabs Sir Smackbottom in the heart.

Suddenly the ice on me has melted. I am soaking wet (not for real.) Jake comes over to me. He leans down and gives me his hand. I take it. ‘Let’s go upstairs and get something to eat, that was too much fun.’ Ok, I answer.

I will never forget that day. It will stay with me forever. That is when I really felt like nothing could stop me. I was brave and powerful. I would never have felt that way without my brother beside me.

So thank you, Jake for being there for me when I need it. I love you and once again, Captain America – thank you. Written by Lily

I had not known the joy of having a sibling until I was eighteen, when my brother was born. Even though we were thousands of miles apart and had different mothers I still felt a deep connection to him. I remember seeing his infant picture for the first time.  In that moment I thought — we will always have each other. For Lily and Jake that statement is so very true.


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